jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Puppet Show

Where is Everyone?

Seriously MUM! Where is everyone?

Ok, we are all here now, when is it going to start?

Cha Chán!

Not sure I like this...

Well, may be I do...

But why everyone is eating around me???

This is how pretty much went the Puppet show. We arrived only 10 minutes before the show but 10 minutes in a 2 year old boy seemed like eternity. Still, Alan waited patiently till the show started, in French of course! Quite a lot of talking but he seemed to be entertained. The real problem started when every parent started giving cookies and junk food to the children.
I didn't have any food as we were coming from the playground when we saw the street puppet show and we decided to join in. Also it was close to dinner time and I really didn't want Alan to eat biscuits before dinner. Anyway, he end up asking me to go the back road with me as it was pretty painful for him to see all the other kids eating, a bit upset but without crying he finished watching the show intensely....

with mama
Saturday 13th July 2013
Opio , France

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