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Peek a boo!!

I am not an expert mum but some friends have asked me about the way and games we play with Alan. Sometimes we assume that everyone knows but is not always the case. I had to learn soooo many things and new games! Now is my turn to share them. Sorry is not in Spanish today but it is a game that Alan and I play in English. 


Peek a boo, Peek a boo,
Peek a boo, I see you.
Where are you, where are you?
I see you, PEEK A BOO!

Having an English baby has forced me to play and learn some English traditions, nursery rhymes and songs: Peek a Boo is one of them.

You can see the lyrics above although it defers along families and generations but the general idea is the same. Playing this game helps to develop understanding that objects exists even when you can't see them. This is a fascinating fact for a baby. From about birth to two years of age, babies don't understand this concept of object permanence.
It is a great help to make them understand that even if they can't see mom or dad in the next door room, they are still there.
Also great for vision and bonding and mostly a sense of FUN. Babies absolutely love this game!!!

In Uruguay we also play to cover our eyes but there is no song to sing along so I prefer Peek a Boo version. You can start playing this game from around 3 months old. It can be play in different ways:
* You can hide your face behind your fingers, move your hands and say Peek a BOO!
* You can place your hands in front of your baby's eyes, then remove your hands and say Peek a BOO!
When your baby is older you can:
* Peek around the corner of a piece of furniture, behind a door or a book (Alan'a fave)
* You can also use a piece of cloth that covers your face, your baby will pull it and find you as you say Peek a BOO! I don't like this way because I would be afraid that baby wants to copy me later in bed and try to do the same perhaps with his blanket or baby sheet. But this is just my personal preference regarding my fears. 
When your baby is older than 8 months old he/she will probably want to cover your face or his/her face.

As well there are many books that will be more interesting to play this game. Alan two favourites are:

Peek-a WHO? (2000) by Nina Laden

Alan loves the way I read it, making all the funny noises


then he turns the page and discovers the COW or the TRAIN ;-)

and so on!

At this age (21 months) the fact that he has the job to turn the page also helps to understand sharing and the idea of take turns, We are sharing the book by him turning the pages and me reading it. It may sound obvious but not always is, this is the first steps to learn for happy playing with us and other kids.

The second favourite is Peepo Teddy from the collection of Baby Touch written by Justine Smith and illustrated by Fiona Land.  Published by Ladybird Books ltd

jacket image for Baby Touch: Peepo Teddy! - large version

It is about where all friendly faces hide, daddy, bunny, etc. 

This one has flaps that Alan lifts and finds a new friend under each one. At the end, under the last flap there is a mirror.  

Before he lifts the flap the books goes:

Here's a Rocket, who's under here?

He opens the flap and he sees his reflection and I say 

Peek a YOUUU!!!!

If you are into Iphone & iPad Ladybird has this two beautiful apps among others for babies and young toddlers


Look at the drawings!! And the music is super sweet!!!

Happy Babies: Ladybird Baby Touch

Happy Babies: Ladybird Baby Touch

Happy Babies

Happy Babies: Ladybird Baby Touch       

Peekaboo: Ladybird Baby Touch

I hope this is not a boring too long post. If anybody needs some help in Spanish or finding a book, just let me know. I will be soooo happy to help. This ones are just a couple but we are big fan of books, we have many more ;-)

*** Si alguien quiere ayuda o info en español por favor decírmelo y les ayudo. Este post va en inglés justamente para los papás bilingües o con niños que estén introduciéndose al inglés.

Love, Eliana & Alan

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  1. Me encantaaa!!! Lo has esplicado de 10! Las apps me las bajé el otro dia y son muy bonitas! Y existe una tercera que también descargué! Se llama FIRST WORDS! Gracias por tus recomendaciones Eliiiii!!!!!